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Are you curious about how your personality measures compare to average Chinese result? Do you want to know how well you comprehend others’ emotions in daily life? Learn about your social skills first by understanding your personality and emotion recognition abilities. Take the quick online test developed by Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and find out at first hand! You can also share your results on Facebook (also other SNS) and invite your friends to find out their results. Most importantly, there will be a prize draw of 2 Amazon vouchers worth $25 each for all test-takers! Do not miss out!

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想知道你的性格测评结果和华人均值相比处于怎样的位置吗?想知道你是否真正察觉到每天身边人的细微情感吗?好奇你在社交圈里的受欢迎程度,先来了解自己的性格和感情认知能力吧!参加由剑桥大学心理测评中心(Cambrdige Psychometrics Centre)发布的在线小测试一探究竟吧!还可以分享结果至微博或微信,邀请小伙伴们一起比较呢!最重要的是,只要参与既有机会抽取2张价值25美元的亚马逊代金卷哦!快快加入,良机怎能失之交臂?!



Rex Wang

Department of Psychology

University of Cambridge