As the snow storm is fading away, our China Day event is finally happening!!


This Friday, we will present an authentic Chinese cultural fest, including lion dance with live percussion music, panda sculpture painting, and a variety of traditional festive games! For more details about the panda painting, please see our website .




Time: Fri. 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Feb 27th, 2015.

Location: Science Center Plaza.


When it comes to learning about a people and their culture, what better way is there than to join them in their most celebrated festival? It is popular, it is historical, and it is fun.


This year, save all the traveling and enjoy a great journey to this ancient and mysterious country in the east. At the time when the whole China is embracing its spring festival, Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA) presents to you – at the very heart of the Harvard campus – an authentic fest to demonstrate the rich meaning behind this famous festival and to encourage a university-wide appreciation of Chinese culture.


Come watch some fascinating lion dance with live festive percussion music! Come show-off your artistic creativity painting our panda sculptures! (You can see here HEARTPANDA an amazing example of what you can do with those little cuties!) And come play traditional festive games with us, and win delicate and lovely Chinese art gifts!


It is a passion that has lasted for thousands of years. It is a heritage that has traveled thousands of miles. It is a poem that has inspired billions of people. Now it is your turn to take a part in it, and feel the joyful spirit of the Chinese spring festival.


Event is free and open to the entire Harvard Community. No registration required. Just come and join us in this great cultural event!


哈佛大学中国学生学者联合会将于2月5日(周四)中午12:30分在science center前广场举办春节庆祝活动,这是一场精彩的视听盛宴。届时我们将有传统的舞狮表演,十只可爱的大熊猫雕塑供您创意彩绘,还有过年的传统游戏和精美的中国手工艺品作为奖品!正月初九,哈佛大学中国学生学者联合会陪您一起过大年!祝大家羊年喜气洋洋,平安幸福,合家欢乐!